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Job Phases

Job Phases was designed primarily as a Job resource planning tool for labor and materials.  Job Phases are also used to determine which billable Install charges and/or Parts may be invoiced and when.  Each Job Type must contain at least one Phase.  If your company will not be using multiple Phases on a Job Type, when creating new Jobs, the one default Phase will be automatically assigned to each part on the Materials List, each Install Charge line, and each Job Task line.  You have the ability to setup multiple available Job Phase Codes on some Job Types and use just the one default Job Phase Code on other Job Types.  Typically, more complex Job Types are good candidates for multiple Job Phases to better manage the ordering of parts for a Job.  If a Job Type is setup with only one Job Phase Code, after a Job is created, you may manually add additional Job Phase Codes to the Job (Job record/Tools Toolbar/Phases (button)).

Below are topics links of how and where Phases are used within Jobs.

Phase Codes assigned to a Job Type

Adding Phase Codes to a Job

Phase Codes on Materials List

Phase Codes on the Job Task List

Order Job Parts by Phase Code